Analyze the particularity of colored flag making
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Analyze the particularity of colored flag making

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For colored flags, the materials used for their production are very particular. More than 98% of them are all kinds of textiles, which are printed by screen printing process. However, there are not many enterprises producing flags in the textile system. There are hundreds of designated flag production enterprises across the country, which is one of the few in the textile system. The research on improving the technological level of flag production is difficult. The difficulty lies in the particularity of flag customization, which can be summarized in the following aspects:

1. Flag has both political meaning and many specific functions, so it is important for internal and external quality.

2. Flags from bleaching and refining, fabric, printing and dyeing, sewing and equipped with hanging devices can be regarded as a systematic project of textiles. It is difficult for a production unit to complete it at one time, and it can only be patched up in the East.

3. The size difference of customized flags is more than 100 times.

4. The enterprises that produce flags are mostly distributed in small enterprises in all walks of life, and the technical equipment is not perfect, which restricts the improvement of quality level and the expansion of production quantity, and has no time to take into account research.


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